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Mob Suit Jacket

If you’re looking for a costume with attitude and swagger, then gangster Halloween costumes is the perfect choice. During the twenties and thirties gangsters ruled the streets. They also ruled most moonlighting operations, some of the police, and a lot of the politicians. So if you want to be “The Boss” this Halloween, put on a gangster suit and get your tommy gun ready.


You can have your own roaring twenties party or build a speakeasy in your garage. Either way you’ll have a party your friends will be talking about for years. Set up a casino in your backyard but remember to only use Monopoly money.

Whether you aspire to be Al Capone or The Godfather, you can pull it off with this Mafia costume. Get your whole family together and you can be the Corleones. Or get a group of friends and form your own mob.

A few things you might want to add:

Sticks of Dynamite (Fake!)


Bullet holes tattoos

Black loafers


Tommy gun – Inflatable, of course, not real

Flapper – if you can get your wife or girlfriend to dress up as one

Plastic horse head – Only for emergencies

Don’t worry if your local mega-store only carries tacky gangster suits. You can go online and find a quality gangster outfit at a costume web store. They’ll have several types of gangster options to choose from as well as multitude of other twenties costumes.

When shopping online stores, check to see if they have an email address available if you need to ask questions. Find out what the shipping charges will be and what kind of return policy is available.

These gangster Halloween costumes includes: Pinstriped suit with attached pocket handkerchief, crimson dickie with white tie attached, spats with button details, and fancy fedora hat featuring a wide white ribbon around the base.

This costume is available in adult sizes: X-Large, Large, and Medium

It comes safely packaged in a full length zippered garment bag.

It’s also washable so you can wear it to numerous parties.

A popular gangster costume for Halloween is the Massive Mobster outfit. It comes with a black and white striped suit, a tie to match, mask and is available in adult sizes large and x-large. The mask itself is very unique, covers almost your entire head and is made of quality materials. When dressing up for Halloween or going to a your favorite costume party, this gangster outfit is bound to draw a lot of attention.

Going as a couple this year? These gangster costumes will make an excellent choice. Couples costumes are growing in popularity every year. How about considering the Bonnie and Clyde costume look, you both can become partners in crime? No need to rob any banks to purchase these outfits. Reasonably priced to fit in any ones budget. Men can wear the double breasted suit, which is black with wide red striping. Another option would be to wear the long black suit jacket with traditional white pin stripes and matching pants.Couples Gangster Costume

For the ladies to be dressed like the dames of the 20’s, they have several choices as well. They can wear a suit and pants outfit. These costumes are available in small, medium, large and plus sizes. This style consists of pin striped suit jacket and matching pants. For the hottie look, women can purchase the sexy gangster Moll dress. This particular mobster costume features a quarter sleeve design with a zip up front mini dress. This look will definitely grab you some looks. Please, if you’re shy, don’t wear this type of clothing.

Don’t forget about the accessories. Every gangster costume needs a ” Tommy Gun” (machine gun) to be authentic. Wide brim fedora hat for the men and a 20’s style cloche hat for that Bonnie Parker look for the ladies. Another accessory to top off the look is the classic black and white shoes. the footwear will really set off this mafia outfit. Happy Halloween to everyone and make sure to make this the most memorable one yet.